A Guide to Self-Empowerment: How to Create Positive Expectations

Have you ever wanted to feel more in control of your life and become self-empowered? The good news is changing your outlook can make all the difference! By creating realistic positive expectations, you gain the power to go beyond your previously limiting beliefs and attitudes. Positive expectations enable you to move through feelings of fear, failure and disappointment.

Working with goal-orientated, flexible plans empowers you to achieve your dreams!

What Can Positive Expectations Do for Me?

With positive expectations, you gain intensity, excitement, ambition, imagination and the dynamic spirit-soul energy needed to realize your goals. By knowing how to expect the best (and plan for the worst in a healthy manner), positive expectations help to make your goals a reality.

The Challenge of Positivity

I’m not saying it will be easy; to balance the power of positive expectations with the weight of reality is hard. It comes down to your ability to fuel your dreams with faith and trust, and still be able to release inordinate attachments to getting what you want, when you want them. When things aren’t going your way, it may be tempting to give up, or focus on lesser dreams. I encourage you to keep trying!

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Summertime Self-Care – Making Time for Happiness

Are you excited that we’re heading into the summer months? While this time of year brings excitement, happiness and outdoor time, it also presents an amazing opportunity to take stock of your life, and put a little bit more focus on self-care and personal happiness. If your work finds you busier than usual during the summer months, you aren’t alone! Read on for three simple strategies to try that help your happiness soar.

Be happy this summer!

3 Ways to Prioritize Happiness in the Summertime

  1. Try Meditation

If you don’t have tons of time to yourself, luckily a quick ten minutes of meditation can rejuvenate your body in a similar way to an hour-long nap. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and helps you tackle the rest of the day with a clutter-free head and “can do” attitude. Simply sit quietly for a few minutes each morning and reflect on the day ahead. If you’re new to meditation, check out this article for some great advice.

  1. Eat Nutritious Foods

The old adage, “You are what you eat,” has a lot of weight behind it; feeling happy begins with fueling your body with excellent nutrition. While eating well goes hand in hand with exercise for encouraging happiness, foods like walnuts, yogurt, fish, mushrooms and leafy greens are a great place to start.

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How to Succeed When You Feel Like You’re Failing

No matter who you are or what’s going on in your life, you will experience a failure at one point or another. Every person has felt down, like the future seems bleak – the trick is to move through this negative emotion and come out a stronger person in the end. As you learn through your day-to-day experiences, your failures can turn into success. Here are three tips for processing failure, and moving on to reclaim your happiness.

Change your perspective with this advice.

3 Steps to Find Success in Failure

  1. Remember the Feeling Will Pass

Although it may feel all-consuming when it happens, it’s important to remember that failure is only a temporary shift – a slight change in direction. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that what you’re feeling, like all negative feelings you’ve had in your life before it, will pass.

  1. Thank Yourself for Taking a Risk

Failure is the honest assurance that you are a success for trying and for taking chances. If you wouldn’t have taken a risk, you never would have learned what failure felt like. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you aren’t growing as a dynamic and accomplished person.

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Loving Yourself: The Gift of Power and Freedom

When’s the last time you took a moment to focus on self-love? The greatest challenge you may face in your life is to love your whole self: body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Throughout our culture (in family life, social life, the media, economics, politics, religion and education), we are taught to believe that we can be inferior and undeserving. These attitudes are perpetuated on many levels, both consciously and subconsciously. Through spoken and unspoken attitudes, cultural practices and unequal treatment, we can begin to believe we are powerless to make decisions that affect our lives or the lives of others. Understanding the dangers of trying to live up to these inordinate expectations empowers you to reclaim your self-esteem and change your life.

Love yourself, today and every day.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

Fostering positive self-esteem will give you the ability to say no to anyone or any situation that attempts to destroy your sense of wellbeing. Loving yourself is the ability to see yourself as whole and unique with natural beauty. It is appreciating your inner beauty and the expressions of your emotional self in all of its forms. Reverence and self-love is essential if you are to move past the negative attitudes encouraged by our society.

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Regain Your Power: How to Free Yourself from Emotional Blocks

Did you know that being emotionally ‘stuck’ robs you of your inner power? Your emotions are energy states that change as you change; your perception of reality is the ever-changing dynamic that is you. As they are directed by your thoughts, your emotions move through your body like a fish moving through water. Emotional changes influence your attitudes, behavior, and reactions to people and situations as they arise.

Are emotional blocks keeping you from being truly happy?

When you get stuck in any emotion, like anger or fear, you will not be able to move through your life freely or happily. When resentment invades your thoughts and actions, and builds with no relief, you become stuck. How can you regain your power and move through to the next state of being? Read this post for advice.

The Dangers of Emotional Barriers

The longer you remain stuck in one particular emotion, the deeper it grows. When this continues, your body can rebel in the form of chronic ailments. Your relationships may also begin to suffer because of your emotional imbalance. Your friends will avoid you because of your negative energies. Remaining emotionally stuck can become a dangerous discomfort zone unless you are determined to change it. Emotional states thrive when they flow like waves on the sea. When these waves become too large for too long a time, there is devastation. Your emotional state is much the same; without awareness nothing in your life will improve.

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How to Have Hope in Hopeless Situations

Hope: Former President Barack Obama based an entire campaign upon the concept, and it’s something that keeps us warm in even the darkest times. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, sometimes hope seems like the light at the end of a long tunnel; unreachable without taking a dark journey. How can you feel more hope in hopeless situations? Read on for my advice.

Always have hope!

3 Ways to Have Hope

  1. Eliminate Self-Doubt

Self-doubt convinces you that you are a failure, you don’t have answers, and you need someone else to do the thinking and deciding for you. Self-doubt wants you to believe that you have never been a real success and that your future is doomed. Self-doubt is darkness, humorless and hopeless. You cannot afford to associate yourself with those who encourage and create self-doubt. To feel more hopeful, eliminate this harmful way of thinking from your life.

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New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Happiness Habits to Adopt Right Now

We would all like to be a little bit happier, even those of us who enjoy every second of life. This New Year, you have a unique opportunity to pick new healthy habits and start fresh with a clean slate. What happiness habits have you thought about adopting? Read on for my three recommendations.

What are you going to do with your clean slate?

3 Happiness Habits to Adopt Right Now

  1. Let Go Of Grudges

Although it’s tempting, holding onto the past, it is not productive and can negatively impact your happiness. Resist the urge to exact revenge and compel yourself to take the high road. If someone wrongs you, tell yourself they are probably just having a bad day and are unable to take control of their emotions. You’ll find pride and confidence in being the bigger person; letting go of grudges will help you find true happiness.

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Interview on Inner Success Radio

I think one of the best things you can do is believe in yourself! If you aren’t finding light from inside, it will be hard to find happiness. For details on how you can become the best, most successful self you can be, listen to my interview on Inner Success Radio, where I talked with hosts Charles and Demetrius!



4 Reasons Why Friendships are Key to Happiness

Take a moment to think about the friendships in your life. Are you reminiscing about the laughter, fun times and happiness you’ve shared with others? I recently wrote an article about true friendships and ways you can recognize them; I truly believe a strong bond between individuals is one of the most important keys to happiness. Why are friendships so crucial? Read on for four reasons.

Friendships are the key to happiness.

Friendships are the key to happiness.

Why Do We Need Friends? 4 Reasons

  1. Friendships Bring Us Comfort

Strong friendships have the power to bring us comfort, serenity and an enormous sense of well-being, as well as the opportunity for adventure and childlike experiences. When we are part of a solid friendship, we begin to feel like we belong and are special to someone. With friends, there is someone journeying through life with us who listens, cares, understands and appreciates us without judgments.

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Finding Holiday Happiness: Your Unlimited Mind’s Outstanding Power

Are you seeking a new way to find happiness? Try leveraging the outstanding power of your unlimited mind! Since we’ve entered the holiday season, it’s easy to get swept up the distractions of consumerism, delicious food and tasty winter beverages that are readily available everywhere; during these months I encourage you to also make working on your personal development, happiness and gratitude a top priority.


What is Your Unlimited Mind?

Your unlimited mind is your brain at the highest ideal; it’s something to be worked toward in order to live a fruitful, fulfilling and meaningful lifetime of happiness. Understanding your mind and what makes it work helps to keep it alive, exuberant and dynamic. As you grow in this appreciative understanding of your inner psyche, you will develop increased mind power, creativity and the ability to focus without distractions. You will also discover unlimited resources for creative expression. I like to think of my unlimited mind as the navigator of my life journey, and every choice I make is for its benefit.

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