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3 Tips for Writers: Writing Multiple Genres

As a writer, it’s important to brand yourself to be successful when marketing your novels. However, it is also important to practice writing multiple genres to vary your abilities and gain fresh ideas. You might be surprised at what comes to your imagination when you write multiple genres. Maybe you have stories to tell that won’t fit into your current genre.  Don’t let branding step in the way of your writing. Here are 3 tips for writers to help you with penning multiple genres.

What's your favorite genre?

What’s your favorite genre?

3 Tips for Writers of Multiple Genres

  1. Be Creative

Many successful writers say there are only a certain number of conflict structures to write about and it’s our creativity that makes us stand out from the rest. Changing your style and writing outside your usual genre can give you fresh ideas and boost your creativity! If you’re struggling with a current novel, try writing some new prompts that can help you switch it up.

  1. Understand Important Elements

Each genre has specific elements and plot formulas that readers are accustomed to. For example, mystery novels should have a charismatic detective to drive the story along, and love stories tend to be more expressive and emotional. Before tackling a new genre, do some research on how stories are usually crafted so you have a good handle on how to write the outline.

  1. Read. A Lot.

The best way to become a better writer is to first become a better reader. Reading novels in the genre you want to write in can help you come up with ideas and get the hang of writing in a certain style. Branch out and read genres you have never touched before. Who knows, you may just find a new favorite book!

No matter how many genres you decide to write in, it’s most important that you write what your pen wants you to. Great novels come from the heart.  Best of luck and happy writing!


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