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4 Habits of Great Writers

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” –Jim Ryun

You don’t have to be a master wordsmith to pen works of art, but you do need to put in lots of practice. Learning from the habits of great writers can help you hone your craft and let your writing soar.  From the ideal wake up time to working on prompts every day, there are many things you can do to improve your work. Here are four habits of great writers you can learn from.


4 Habits of Great Writers

  1. They Look Inward

Successful writers make a habit out of looking to their inner selves and reflecting upon what is happening in their lives. This may feel uncomfortable or foreign if you aren’t used to doing this, but it can help improve your stories and create better tension between your characters. A great way to get started is to keep a dream journal; some of the best ideas come to us while we sleep.

  1. They Make Time

No matter how busy they are, one of the habits of great writers is they always make time for their craft. Do whatever it takes to squeeze writing into your day, whether you need to wake before dawn, keep a journal on a bus ride or type late into the night.

  1. They Create a Positive Writing Environment

Writers tend to work at home or out of cafés, where there are no shortages of distractions. Another habit of great writers is to make a space you can call your own, free from stress and responsibilities. Create a home office or corner area where you can relax and write whatever comes to mind.

  1. They Set Goals

Having published more books than most authors of our time, Stephen King’s advice is to set goals and stick to them. Assess your lifestyle and create a realistic goal: do you want to write a certain number of pages per day or spend a specific length of time writing? Write down your plans and stick to them; it can be easy to start out with short pieces like blog posts.

Using personal experiences to shape your writing, making time for your work, creating a space for yourself and setting realistic goals are all habits of great writers that would benefit you. What is your best tip for success?

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