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4 Ways Keeping a Dream Journal Can Improve Your Writing

Keeping a dream journal is an interesting way to get closer in touch with yourself and the process can help improve your writing in many ways. We dream several times each night and if you’re just starting out or having trouble remembering your dreams, writing down a few notes each morning is a simple way to train your brain to remember nighttime occurrences. Here are four ways logging your adventures during sleep can make you a better writer.


4 Ways Keeping a Dream Journal Can Improve Your Writing

  1. Get to Know Yourself

Recording and paying attention to your dreams can put you closer in touch with your psyche and help you learn more about yourself and your desires; confident writers are much more likely to finish and publish a novel. This can be helpful if you’re struggling with a new book concept or are facing a turning point in your work.

  1. Learn How to Tell Stories

Dreams are miniature stories that your mind concocts while you are sleeping. Keeping a dream journal of events that happen can help you learn how to craft a great story. Many dreams feature a beginning, middle and end and can give you inspiration, help with character motivation and even nightmares can inform villains in your novel.

  1. Help with Decision Making

Keeping a dream journal can also propel you to get over a creative slump. If you’re facing writer’s block or working on a difficult portion of your manuscript, “Sleeping on it,” can assist your brain in making connections and solidify decisions.

  1. Aid in Finding Symbolism

Since dreams mainly unfold in a series of symbolic occurrences, keeping a record of them can help you write symbolic scenes in your novel. Metaphors and symbols are heavily used as literary tools and some of the best writers have created famous narratives that started as a simple dream.

Giving insight into yourself, helping with storytelling and decision making, and finding symbolism are all ways dreams can inform your work. Do you keep a dream journal? If so, how does it help with your writing?

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