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4 Writing Tips: How to Craft a Title

Once you’re finished writing your novel, it’s time to craft a name for it. Many people judge books by their covers or titles, so it’s important to create something attention-grabbing that’s still true to the spirit of your book. Here are 4 tips for creating a compelling book title.


Titling Your Book: 4 Tips for Writers

  1. Get Inspired

The first step in crafting a title is to seek inspiration from your favorite books and authors. What are some of the best book names you’ve ever heard? What elements of the title drew you in? Books you’ve loved can be a great source of inspiration; one of the best tips for writers is to write in homage to their favorite authors.

  1. Spend Time on It

It can be hard to focus on writing and perfecting your novel then spending time crafting the title. Too often, writers will mistakenly spend too little time on this important step. The headline of your novel will likely draw readers in, so you’ll want it to accurately represent the content of your story.

  1. Research

Once you’ve found a title you like, it’s important to research it! One of the most important tips for writers is to make sure your name isn’t already taken or associated with something else. Make sure you research this early in the novel writing process; you won’t want to be surprised later!

  1. Make it Catchy!

Short titles that tell the reader what the book is about or make them ask a question are the catchiest ones. Try to incorporate multiple elements of your story into the title; for example, The Shaman and The Mafia. Try to include multiple layers of meaning in the name so readers think twice when they pick up your book.

Using famous authors as inspiration, spending time crafting the title, researching and making it short and sweet are all great writing tips for naming your book. The title is the first thing a reader sees. More tips for writers, in addition to advice on all stages of the editing process, are available in additional articles on my blog. Happy writing!


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