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A Guide to Self-Empowerment: How to Create Positive Expectations

Have you ever wanted to feel more in control of your life and become self-empowered? The good news is changing your outlook can make all the difference! By creating realistic positive expectations, you gain the power to go beyond your previously limiting beliefs and attitudes. Positive expectations enable you to move through feelings of fear, failure and disappointment.

Working with goal-orientated, flexible plans empowers you to achieve your dreams!

What Can Positive Expectations Do for Me?

With positive expectations, you gain intensity, excitement, ambition, imagination and the dynamic spirit-soul energy needed to realize your goals. By knowing how to expect the best (and plan for the worst in a healthy manner), positive expectations help to make your goals a reality.

The Challenge of Positivity

I’m not saying it will be easy; to balance the power of positive expectations with the weight of reality is hard. It comes down to your ability to fuel your dreams with faith and trust, and still be able to release inordinate attachments to getting what you want, when you want them. When things aren’t going your way, it may be tempting to give up, or focus on lesser dreams. I encourage you to keep trying!

Goals, dreams and expectations that keep you from being present in other areas of your life will work against you when they become the only things in your life that matter. If you are always thinking, “I’ll be happy when I get my new car/a better job/my dream home/when I make more money,” then you will lose the power of the present moment, and your expectations will dissolve.

Self-Empowerment: Creating Balanced Expectations

Having out-of-balance expectations will make life miserable, causing unhappiness and a growing sense of failure. The key to feeling in control and self-empowered is to take baby steps, creating small goals that you can master quickly, allowing you to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

It’s also important not to focus on material possessions, wealth, the latest clothing trends or taking the best Instagram photos. Impressing others by what you have will not enhance your self-worth, and will only serve to make you feel like less than your best. Because of this, people either will resent you, envy you or forget what you have.

Try to Practice Detachment

Detachment is a state of wisdom that helps you see the superficial value of things for what they are, the fleeting value of trends and of people’s opinions. Detachment is not indifference, but an abiding compassion for all that is life. Detachment is the ability to receive what you want, and to enjoy it for as long as you want in the spirit of gratitude.

Through the practice of detachment you understand that all life is change and transformation, and only love and peace will last today, tomorrow and beyond your lifetime.

Working with goal-orientated, flexible plans empowers you to achieve your dreams. Are you working toward creating more positive expectations of the future? This is the missing link, the secret to a happy, self-empowered life. I wish you all the best!

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