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[Achieving Happiness] 4 Tips for Clearing Your Mind

Sometimes your brain can become jumbled and locked in a state of stress or overload, preventing you from achieving happiness. Whether you’re a writer or not, nearly everyone can benefit from learning these four simple techniques designed to clear your mind. By unleashing this stress and negative energy, you will become happier, healthier and able to perform better, no matter what you do.


[Achieving Happiness] 4 Tips for Clearing Your Mind

  1. Let Yourself Daydream

Sometimes when your brain is on overload and the stresses of everyday life seem overwhelming, you may find yourself beginning to get distracted more easily. When your mind becomes focused on other things, this can be a sign that you need to slow down and take a break. Let yourself stare off into space for a few minutes and stop thinking about your responsibilities; even a few minutes of quiet thought can do wonders for achieving happiness.

  1. Make Time to Journal

Writers especially can take advantage of this unique opportunity to clear your mind. By writing madly in a journal, you will be able to let loose thoughts and emotions you would not otherwise be able to share with others. Feel free to journal about everything, from what you had for breakfast or what’s bothering you to a number of writing prompts designed to help you release mental energy.

  1. Try Meditation

Neuroscientists have studied the brain waves of those who meditate and found they are healthier and calmer than their counterparts. By practicing deep relaxation, you’ll be able to move brain waves to different parts of your mind’s processors; this can help reduce stress and negativity. You can find some great tips if you’re new to meditation here.

  1. Take Time to Smell the Flowers

The age-old saying isn’t just a reminder to take your time and enjoy life, but can actually make a difference in your path to achieving happiness! Flowers in bloom can offer a variety of scents and smell is one of the easiest ways to trigger memories. By exercising your brain and allowing it to enjoy the beauty of nature, you’ll find mental peace and be able to reduce some stress.

Daydreaming, journaling, meditating and enjoying nature can all help you release mental blocks. Clearing your mind and slowing down the way you experience life is only one of many ways of achieving happiness. For more ideas on becoming the best self you can be, check out my newest book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time to Waste, today!

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