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[Become a Better Writer] When’s the Best Time of Day to Write?

Many authors may be looking for ways to become a better writer, and learning what times of the day are most conducive to creative thought can help. Finding the writing sweet spot where words and ideas flow easily from your head to your pen can be a challenge, and although it differs for every person (famous writers included), generally certain types of writing can be done best at each time of day.


[Become a Better Writer] What Time of Day Should I Write?

Writing in the Morning

Studies show most people tend to make more moral decisions and have greater willpower as soon as they wake up. Use this to your advantage to tackle a big project, brain-dump your ideas and get your thoughts down on paper. The morning is not a good time to be editing, however, since the analytical portions of your brain are better harnessed later in the day; the morning can help you be the most creative.

Writing in the Afternoon

If you want to be more productive in your writing and jot down multiple pages in one sitting, try writing in the afternoon. Your blood circulation increases at this time and natural sunlight is at its height; you may feel more inspired and will become a better writer by taking advantage of this benefit.

Writing at Night

Busy authors tend to do the bulk of their writing at night, when daytime distractions are gone. This can be a great time to focus on becoming a better writer because you have the freedom from regular responsibilities to focus and be productive. If you plan to write at night, it will help to have a plan before you begin to avoid the traps of getting swept up in the Internet or social media.

There are benefits of writing at each time of day and I encourage you to find out when you’re at your best through trial and error. You’ll become a better writer by listening to your mind’s strengths. When is your favorite time to write? What benefits have you seen from your routine?


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