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How Do You Experience Self-Love?

Woman sitting with flowers and a notebook.

How do you show self-love?

February is often thought of as the month of love. We spend the month showering people we care about with affection, but what about embracing self-love year-round?

Giving flowers and chocolates to loved ones are thoughtful gestures that show you care, but forgetting about yourself can cause harm to your wellbeing. As I so strongly believe, before you can honestly love yourself you need to be clear about what love feels like to you.

As I share in my book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age:

Love is the ability to say to yourself,

“Thank you for who you are, just as you are.”

It is an abiding attitude of gratitude,

no matter what is taking place in your life.

Love is your heart’s breath because love is

the heartbeat of your life.

Experiencing Self-Love

If you are looking for easy ways to show yourself some appreciation, here’s a great list of ideas to increase self-love in your life, courtesy of Huffington Post.

  1. Self-Care

How do you take care of yourself? Getting enough sleep, doing an exercise you enjoy and eating well are all simple things to do each day; make valuing yourself and body a priority day-to-day.

  1. Connect with Your Inner Being

So much of our life is spent in search of a title and what we can buy. As Elyse Santilli, the author of the article states:

Your true identify is something deeper and more eternal than your fluctuating circumstances. You are inherently divine, beautiful, worthy and deserving — no matter what is going on in your world. Make time to connect with your inner spirit, your eternal self, through meditation, yoga, journaling or getting lost in an activity you love.

  1. Feel Emotions

It is okay to let yourself feel emotions. Instead of trying to control them or being hard on yourself for “feeling too much,” experience them. Pay attention to what happens after you let yourself embrace the emotions; you may find you don’t have lingering feelings later on.

Don’t forget yourself as you take care of others and shower them with love. Self-love is essential to a full and happy life. If you’re interested in living your best life, pick up my book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age, dedicated to helping women at any stage in their life.

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