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How to Plot Your Novel [3 Tips for Writers]

This post shares tips for writers to help with outlining a book. Plotting your novel can be a difficult step of the writing process since many authors are full of character and theme ideas, but no clear storyline. You can visit the library and read about potential plots for your novel, but here are 3 easy tips for writers to help you find a solid outline.

If you use this photo, please link to for attribution.How to Plot Your Novel [3 Tips for Writers]

  1. “Begin with the End in Mind”

This is one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for a reason! Beginning your novel by knowing where you want to take it in the end is also one of the best tips for writers trying to plot their book. Do you want the characters to live happily ever after? Will you leave a cliffhanger? Even if you’re planning a series of novels, make sure you know where you want your story to leave off and how you want readers to feel at the end.

  1. Create a Hook

The “hook” is what draws your audience in and makes them want to finish your story. It’s important your attention-grabbing event falls in the first few chapters of the book or you may lose your readers; begin with some sort of conflict, a window into the character’s current emotional state or an interesting predicament to grab their attention.

  1. Think of Your Plot as a Map

An easy way to plot your novel is to think of your story as a road trip. You wouldn’t double-back or go in circles if you were driving along the road, you’d choose a straight direction that makes sense. Viewing your story as a trip on a map can help you see if you’re taking the long way around main events or if there’s a more direct route to lead your readers.

Beginning by knowing the end of your story, creating a hook to grab readers and thinking of your plot as a map are great tips for writers to help plot your novel. For more advice on every step of the creative process, read additional articles on my blog today. Happy writing!

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