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Life Lessons: How to Find Your Purpose

Are you feeling lost in life, like you don’t have a purpose? Every season you experience from birth to death has a purpose, and it may take a lifetime to understand this. Just as every season has its ebb and flow, we also have a deep need for balance as human beings, as does our planet Earth. Every season is filled with aliveness and purpose, and this is our ideal for daily life. Read on to learn how to find your purpose and cultivate your talents into a beautiful existence.

Have you found your purpose?

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Without a purpose, life becomes meaningless; it exhausts your spirit and dissipates your passion for living. On the converse, purposefulness intensifies energy, excitement and the exuberant fire of youth. Your purpose gives you a reason for living and the courage to change and grow. It empowers you to move beyond the limits of what you think you can do and what you feel you can become. With purposefulness you acquire the ability to be clear-minded and self-determined.

Your Purpose is Your Meaning

Your purpose gives meaning to everything you do. It affects how you think and how you feel about yourself, and is related to what you emotionally feel you deserve. When you are committed to your purpose, when it is reinforced with self-confidence and self-esteem, you will succeed. 

Take Time for Reflection

No one automatically knows what their purpose is in life; they find it through life experiences. Throughout each day, reflect on your motivations and what you want to accomplish. Through reflection, you will understand how your motives influence your life and everyday choices. Purposefulness is a thought process of time and transformation, like the rhythm of winter which issues forth spring; each process is vital for your growth, now and in the future.

Life is filled with fears, unrealistic expectations and critical judgments, but having a strong sense of self can help you overcome them all. Without purpose you will lack the spirit and the will to accept challenges. To find happiness, frequently ask yourself if you are making every effort to fulfill your life purpose. Want to learn more? Order a copy of my new book, The Mystery of Time is Who You Are, today on Amazon!

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