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New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Happiness Habits to Adopt Right Now

We would all like to be a little bit happier, even those of us who enjoy every second of life. This New Year, you have a unique opportunity to pick new healthy habits and start fresh with a clean slate. What happiness habits have you thought about adopting? Read on for my three recommendations.

What are you going to do with your clean slate?

3 Happiness Habits to Adopt Right Now

  1. Let Go Of Grudges

Although it’s tempting, holding onto the past, it is not productive and can negatively impact your happiness. Resist the urge to exact revenge and compel yourself to take the high road. If someone wrongs you, tell yourself they are probably just having a bad day and are unable to take control of their emotions. You’ll find pride and confidence in being the bigger person; letting go of grudges will help you find true happiness.

  1. Learn to Clear Your Mind

After a hard day, your brain could use a reset. Clearing your mind, even for only a few minutes, can be wildly rejuvenating. This is easily completed by the act of daydreaming. Not just for kids, daydreaming helps encourage imagination and even releases stress and tension. Let yourself stare off into space for a few minutes and stop thinking about your responsibilities; even this small amount of quiet thought can do wonders for achieving happiness.

  1. Love Yourself First

I strongly encourage fostering a self-love attitude in 2017. Finding your inner strength and turning it into self-love begins with focusing on mental power. To achieve this, you must be consistently clear about your desires with others, but most importantly, with yourself. If you feel uncomfortable in any given situation, recognize this is a sign from your mind and listen to it.

What happiness habits do you plan to adopt this New Year? For some great advice on being a healthier and happier person, pick up a copy of my book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste, and stay on the lookout for my newest book, The Mystery of Time is Who You Are, which will be coming out soon!



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