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The Importance of Living in the Moment

Are you living in the moment, making the most of every second you have to live on Earth? You can never make up for lost time, but you can live in the sacredness of right now, realizing that this is your point of power. You are born into the human mystery called TIME. Throughout this crazy journey we call life, we measure our moments in time, beginning with birth: we record the day, hour, year and location you enter the world, which begins your unique history.

The Trap of Waiting for Happiness

Most of your life is spent in waiting for something to happen, or not to happen, and in the intensity of this waiting you can miss countless opportunities as precious time speeds by. This cycle of waiting will devour your life with anticipating, dreaming, hoping and planning for the next moment, because there’s an illusion that what you want to do next is more important than what you are doing now.

As you age, you begin to count your blessings that you are still intact mentally, physically and emotionally. Through this realization, your life will become simpler and you will have more reason to be content. When you wait for what is next, you lose the joy of now; the remedy is living in the moment.

Mindfulness Matters

Most people live in a state of constant mindlessness, and they cannot understand why time is leaving them behind, because they do not value the happenings from one moment to the next. When you eagerly wait for something else to happen, time drags on because you put your life on hold. When you dread what is taking place in the moment, you become unconscious through denial, or you may escape through dangerous addictions.

What do you fear the most about time, or the future? Is it the dread of bad news that could dramatically affect your life or the life of someone you love?  Coming to terms with your fears can be a great source of inner freedom when you face them with faith, courage and determination.

Always Live in the Present Moment

In time you can look forward to the excitement of an adventure and feel intensely alive, appreciating each unfolding moment without being obsessed with expectations. You do not live life to the fullest when you avoid your responsibilities in the present, by not making the most of every opportunity to develop yourself positively or to share your goodness with others. When you live your best and are at your best every day, your tomorrows are blessed.

If you are serious about living your life to the fullest, give yourself time for introspection in order to get to the root cause of your problems, to find what causes you frustration and stress. Through the passing of time, you learn how to live and let live. You become more accepting of individuals’ differences and cultural diversity, reaching out to others in love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Your life experience in time is unique to you. No one understands or can appreciate it the way you can. Therefore love your life to the fullest in the expression of love, service and good will. Living in the moment can change your whole life!

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