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Tips for Personal Success: What You Need to Know

How do you find personal success?

St. Patrick’s Day just came and went, and that got me thinking about luck. What does it mean to be lucky and how much does it have to do with personal success? Is life about luck or preparation?

As I state in Exuberant Women Don’t Age:

Through realistic positive expectations you gain the power to go beyond limiting beliefs and attitudes. Positive expectations enable you to move through feelings of fear, failure, and all of the “I Can’t Do Its.” With positive expectations you gain intensity, excitement, ambition, imagination, and dynamic spirit soul energy needed to realize your goals. Positive expectations help to make your goals a reality when you believe in them heart, mind, and soul and with a solid game plan.

Along with setting positive expectations, there are other steps you can take for success. Here are a few incredible tips from Forbes that can help us all succeed.

Two Tips for Personal Success

  1. Stay Focused

With everything that we have going on in our lives, our goals and dreams can get lost in the shuffle. Whether you have a personal health goal, a career goal or relationship goal, it is important to stay focused. Forbes offers this incredible advice for us all to follow:

It takes patience, persistence, and discipline to stay focused. Patience to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your goal; persistence to overcome the failures, setbacks, and temptations that may take you off course; and discipline to play the game right, to comply with all the rules: know what you are doing, be punctual, and work out all the details.

If we can just stay focused, we can achieve our dreams.

  1. Manage Greed

While it can be a good thing to want more from your life, wanting too much can be detrimental. People who want too much can have an imbalanced life in just about every way possible. Forbes describes how greed sets up failure:

People who want everything in life fail to negotiate with others and compromise and end up losing everything. People, who want everything from personal friendships and partnerships and become selfish and arrogant, end up destroying them.

Staying focus and managing your envy can help you find success in your life, along with practicing positive expectations. How do you achieve your dreams? Share your tips with us so we can all do a little better.

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