[Writing Tips] 5 Strategies to Eliminate Distractions

This post shares writing tips for authors looking to increase their focus and eliminate distractions. If you look everywhere for creative inspiration to inform your writing, chances are you’ve also found a few distractions that can slow the process. Here are five ways to fight those unwanted interruptions.


[Writing Tips] 5 Strategies to Eliminate Distractions

  1. Prioritize

Sometimes having too many items on your to-do list can be intimidating and lead to procrastination; one of the best writing tips is to determine your top projects and begin with those immediately. Everyone pens differently, but it can be helpful to do the hardest item on your agenda first, and save the fun or easy tasks for the end.

  1. Unplug from Communication

Emails, text messages, incoming chats, alarms and phone calls can all distract you from the writing process. If you’re trying to focus, or find yourself in the middle of a creative streak, unplugging from these items can help stretch your attention span and improve your ability to tackle the task at hand.

  1. Use Technology to Your Advantage

While you should stay away from communication and instant notifications that distract you, try embracing technology that is designed to help! Computer programs or apps that aid in organization or time management, offer writing tips or help with self-editing can be an author’s best friend.

  1. Try Listening to Music

When you find your mind beginning to wander, music can help bring it back on track. Many mixes are created specifically to enhance creativity and focus, especially classical and ambient music.

  1. Reward Yourself

If you find yourself unable to focus because you want to indulge in guilty pleasures like a favorite TV show or after-work activity, use those desires to increase your self-control. Try setting personal milestones and reward hard work when the task is complete.

Prioritizing big projects, eliminating unnecessary communication, trying apps for writers, listening to music and using indulgences to reward hard work are all great writing tips to help you fight distractions. How do you stay focused when you write?