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[Audiobook teaser] “The Shaman and The Mafia”, Chapter 1

Watch out for the upcoming release of THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA audio book. In preparation for its release, I’m proud to share with you all a sneak peek.

Presenting Chapter 1 of THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA, wonderfully narrated by Will Kennedy.

Enjoy! xo Liz

Huffington Post UK interviews Liz about life in & out of the convent

Elizabeth Upton has been featured in Huffington Post UK, allowing us to get a glimpse on the author’s younger years in the convent as a Carmelite nun and eventually her path towards becoming a corrections officer and at present, a lecturer and author.

Click here to read the full interview!

What Happens When A Nun Has A Love Affair And Leaves Her Convent?

Liz Upton Reveals All

by Rachel Moss | 4 September

Read the whole interview here

Elizabeth Upton’s life may read like the script for a Hollywood film, but her incredible story is absolutely real.

Liz became a nun at the age of 16, but after many years of living in a New York convent, she embarked on a secret love affair which completely changed her life.

Since then, Liz has re-invented herself more times than Madonna. First she worked as probation officer, then a counselor. Now, California-born Liz has established herself as an author.

Hearing about Liz’s past, it seems like she has squeezed multiple lifetimes into just one. Her story can be an inspiration to us all, showing you don’t need to be defined by the choices you make early in life.

Liz chatted to us about her fascinating journey.

Liz says her unusual childhood was one of the major reasons she joined a convent in New York at the age of 16.

“When I turned 8 my mother re-married and her husband didn’t want us so we were put into an orphanage for two years.

“My time in the orphanage matured me – I had a real feel for people who suffered, from abandonment and rejection or from physical or emotional disorders,” she says.

Once Liz was back in the family home, her mother had a nervous breakdown, which also had a big impact on her own personal development.

“I ended up being a nun when I was quite young and I think it was due to the fact that although I was only 16 when I joined the convent, I really felt that spiritually and emotionally I was a twenty or thirty year old woman,” she adds.

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