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[Become a Better Writer] When’s the Best Time of Day to Write?

Many authors may be looking for ways to become a better writer, and learning what times of the day are most conducive to creative thought can help. Finding the writing sweet spot where words and ideas flow easily from your head to your pen can be a challenge, and although it differs for every person (famous writers included), generally certain types of writing can be done best at each time of day.


[Become a Better Writer] What Time of Day Should I Write?

Writing in the Morning

Studies show most people tend to make more moral decisions and have greater willpower as soon as they wake up. Use this to your advantage to tackle a big project, brain-dump your ideas and get your thoughts down on paper. The morning is not a good time to be editing, however, since the analytical portions of your brain are better harnessed later in the day; the morning can help you be the most creative.

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[Achieving Happiness] 4 Tips for Clearing Your Mind

Sometimes your brain can become jumbled and locked in a state of stress or overload, preventing you from achieving happiness. Whether you’re a writer or not, nearly everyone can benefit from learning these four simple techniques designed to clear your mind. By unleashing this stress and negative energy, you will become happier, healthier and able to perform better, no matter what you do.


[Achieving Happiness] 4 Tips for Clearing Your Mind

  1. Let Yourself Daydream

Sometimes when your brain is on overload and the stresses of everyday life seem overwhelming, you may find yourself beginning to get distracted more easily. When your mind becomes focused on other things, this can be a sign that you need to slow down and take a break. Let yourself stare off into space for a few minutes and stop thinking about your responsibilities; even a few minutes of quiet thought can do wonders for achieving happiness.

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