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Book Genres: An Overview of Fiction Categories

In an earlier blog post, I shared an overview of major non-fiction book genres to help aspiring writers determine which genre their text should fall under. While non-fiction book genres are pretty straightforward, the lines are a bit more blurred with fiction. What’s the difference between these two main categories? Read on to find out.

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What’s your favorite fiction genre?

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Fiction literature is pure fantasy, written from the mind of the writer and created solely using their imagination. Any facts or research in fiction writing can be loosely based on real life, but the events taking place in the novel are not true. Although fiction books can be based on these facts, the author often invokes creative license to change past events or embellish details as they see fit. On the other hand, non-fiction is always factual. Read on for a guide to the most popular fiction book genres.

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Unleash Your Creative Mind

“When you stimulate your mind creatively and productively, it will thrive, and your mind will reward you with a joy-filled enriched life.” –Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

We all have the potential to be a creative, vibrant and artistic person, even the most analytical among us. Your creative mind is capable of unlimited expression and can serve as a vehicle to transform your life into the dream you’ve always wanted to live. Unleashing this hidden power that lives inside of all of us will bring you pride, a sense of accomplishment and lead you on the path to happiness. The simplest way to encourage your creative mind is to focus on your inner power, or “I Can Do It” power.


Your Inner Power: Mind over Matter

Quoted from generation to generation, “Mind over matter” is a mantra we hear over and over as we travel through the journey of life. It is repeated only because it is a truth. Repeat this affirmation to yourself as many times as it takes to sink in; you can rise above any challenge. This way of thinking is achieved when there is a harmonious balance between your two inner selves: your mental self and your emotional self.

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Interview on Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac

Happiness comes one step at a time and you have to have patience in order to overcome challenges in life. I like to keep my dreams alive by living each moment to the fullest and I encourage others to have hope when finding their own path. I recently shared my experiences with Ari McIntyre on Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. As a novelist, I try to insert inspiration into the lives of others to find their true happiness. My interview begins about 20 minutes into the program; listen to it here!


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