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Finding Holiday Happiness: Your Unlimited Mind’s Outstanding Power

Are you seeking a new way to find happiness? Try leveraging the outstanding power of your unlimited mind! Since we’ve entered the holiday season, it’s easy to get swept up the distractions of consumerism, delicious food and tasty winter beverages that are readily available everywhere; during these months I encourage you to also make working on your personal development, happiness and gratitude a top priority.


What is Your Unlimited Mind?

Your unlimited mind is your brain at the highest ideal; it’s something to be worked toward in order to live a fruitful, fulfilling and meaningful lifetime of happiness. Understanding your mind and what makes it work helps to keep it alive, exuberant and dynamic. As you grow in this appreciative understanding of your inner psyche, you will develop increased mind power, creativity and the ability to focus without distractions. You will also discover unlimited resources for creative expression. I like to think of my unlimited mind as the navigator of my life journey, and every choice I make is for its benefit.

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Where to Turn for Inspiration and Motivation

Now that we’re well into the fall season, the darker days and impending frightful weather can put a damper on our spirits. If you’re feeling less chipper than usual, where can you turn to get motivated and find inspiration? Read on for four tried and true resources.

Get inspired with these resources.

Get inspired with these resources.

Inspiration and Motivation: 4 Resources to Turn To

  1. Close Friends

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can experience in life; the selfless loving of another person as you share life experiences and help each other learn from mistakes is a trait that makes us uniquely human. When your spirits are low, leaning on a friend can help you find strength, even in the darkest situations.

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