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4 Reasons Why Friendships are Key to Happiness

Take a moment to think about the friendships in your life. Are you reminiscing about the laughter, fun times and happiness you’ve shared with others? I recently wrote an article about true friendships and ways you can recognize them; I truly believe a strong bond between individuals is one of the most important keys to happiness. Why are friendships so crucial? Read on for four reasons.

Friendships are the key to happiness.

Friendships are the key to happiness.

Why Do We Need Friends? 4 Reasons

  1. Friendships Bring Us Comfort

Strong friendships have the power to bring us comfort, serenity and an enormous sense of well-being, as well as the opportunity for adventure and childlike experiences. When we are part of a solid friendship, we begin to feel like we belong and are special to someone. With friends, there is someone journeying through life with us who listens, cares, understands and appreciates us without judgments.

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