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How to Have Hope in Hopeless Situations

Hope: Former President Barack Obama based an entire campaign upon the concept, and it’s something that keeps us warm in even the darkest times. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, sometimes hope seems like the light at the end of a long tunnel; unreachable without taking a dark journey. How can you feel more hope in hopeless situations? Read on for my advice.

Always have hope!

3 Ways to Have Hope

  1. Eliminate Self-Doubt

Self-doubt convinces you that you are a failure, you don’t have answers, and you need someone else to do the thinking and deciding for you. Self-doubt wants you to believe that you have never been a real success and that your future is doomed. Self-doubt is darkness, humorless and hopeless. You cannot afford to associate yourself with those who encourage and create self-doubt. To feel more hopeful, eliminate this harmful way of thinking from your life.

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