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What Are the Benefits to Keeping Commitments?

Do you keep commitments to yourself and others?

You’ve likely promised you would help someone or be at a certain place at a certain time for him or her. Do you always follow through on these commitments? Following through with friends and family is important to building and maintaining healthy relationships with the ones we love, but did you know flaking on others can actually impact you, too

As Psychology Today notes, “It is impossible to follow through on every single [commitment] you make in life, but how many you break and how you handle it when you do is key to understanding yourself.”

Psychology Today is right to mention that it is inevitable that in your life you may have to cancel or not fulfill a promise you made to someone – and that’s ok. What’s important is that you not only do you best to come through on your commitments, but also be careful not to over promise in the first place. This will only lead to disappointment from others and within yourself.

Benefits of Keeping Commitments

Did you know that there are health and social benefits to keeping your commitments? Here are three reasons from Elite Daily to say and do what you mean.

1.    Display Accountability

When you keep yourself accountable others will notice. Friends, family and even employers will see that you are taking care of yourself and will trust you with their needs.

2.    Understand Your Worth

Elite Daily states, “If you can keep commitments to yourself, you are more likely to hold others to the same standards. You won’t tolerate people in your life who continuously blow you off because you know how important it is to stand by your word.”

This is so important to standing up for yourself and taking care of yourself. If you’re constantly late, it can be hard to talk to a friend about being on time. When you keep yourself accountable to appointments, you can speak to someone about how rude and disrespectful waiting a half hour or more is.

3.    Create a Routine

Routines may feel boring, but they are so important to keeping daily commitments. You don’t want to always be running late for work or an appointment, right? When you establish a routine, you can get ready and prepare for your next obligation without being rushed or showing up late.

Keep Commitments and Be Accountable

As I state in The Mystery of Time is Who You Are:

Throughout the day, reflect on your motivations and this will keep you

in touch with what you want to achieve. Fuzzy thinking and lukewarm

commitments will not help you achieve what you want, no matter how

passionate your hopes.

It takes active time and energy to keep promises to others, but more importantly, yourself.

How do you want others to see you? How do you want to see yourself? Being a flake and dropping all sense of responsibility isn’t healthy for relationships and it’s certainly not a healthy way to live.

What do you do to keep commitments for yourself? I look forward to hearing from you.

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