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3 Health Benefits of the Outdoors

Did you know there are health benefits from going outside?

Did you know that July is Picnic Month? This offers a wonderful excuse to go out in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get to go outside very much, let alone play outside.

Between work, family and obligations inside homes, there’s rarely a free moment to get a breath of fresh air. While you may be busy, it is important that you spend time outdoors for your health. Keep reading for reasons why.

3 Health Benefits of Going Outside

  1. Mental Health

As reported by The Huffington Post, a Stanford University study found that walking for 90 minutes in nature, compared to walking in the city, made a difference in mental health. A Stanford study also, “Found that those who walked in nature experienced less anxiety, rumination (focused attention on negative aspects of oneself), and negative affect, as well as more positive emotions, such as happiness.”

  1. Grounding

This is an interesting concept and one worth exploring; nature offers surprising health benefits. Dr. Axe describes grounding:

It’s a way of connecting to the earth’s energy by going barefoot. Our feet draw in the earth’s electrical charges, allowing them to flow through us. The results are improved sleep, reduced inflammation and more time in nature — all wins. And of course, you need to be outside to connect with the earth; carpet or hardwood floors don’t have the same effects!

This seems like a wonderful way to connect deeper to Mother Earth and think outside ourselves. If you want to explore yourself more, learn about my journey in The Mystic Swords of Love and Innocence.

  1. Improve Short-Term Memory

Do you often forget what you went into a room for or what you were just talking about? A study at the University of Michigan found that between two groups of people, those who walked in nature compared to a city street performed better on a memory test. Getting up and taking a break can help you in the short and long term.

The Outdoors offers Wonderful Health Benefits

Going outside does not have to be strenuous or time-consuming. Even simple walks can offer health benefits including improved short-term memory issues, connecting you to the earth and increased mental health. What are you waiting for?

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