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3 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Your Creativity

Not all of us can be concert pianists or world famous artists, but we all hold the power of unlimited creativity deep inside of us; it’s the ability to take on whatever challenge comes our way and use our vast amount of life experiences to gain insight into what steps to take next.

Your creative mind is something to be nurtured, respected and encouraged. How can you unleash the incredible power of yours? Read on for my three tips.

How do you harness your creativity?

How do you harness your creativity?

Harness the Power of Your Creativity: 3 Tips

  1. Find Your Muse

Like the scorned lover who pens a famous rock song, everyone should find their muse. Your muse is a mentor, friend, enemy, inspiring person or even intangible things like the weather that you can use to help inspire your creativity. Maybe they did something courageous you’ve always wanted to try; maybe it’s a tree you find strength looking at on your morning commute.

  1. Remember There Are No Rules

While you may feel like you need to compare to others and replicate what they are doing, this is not conducive to your creative process. Creativity, by nature, is something that only you can do and if you copy someone else, you aren’t finding it from within; it’s the intense power that one person has to change the world using only their unique ideas. There are no rules for harnessing your creativity; the world is your oyster.

  1. Stop Searching for Perfection

The creative process has many road bumps, barriers and obstacles that you may encounter; remembering to let go of the search for perfection can help smooth the journey. Instead of trying to attain a large, lofty goal, remember that the journey is more important than the destination. Once you’ve completed a project or achieved a long term goal, you’ll look back and remember the brainstorming and challenges you faced were an integral part of the process; one where you learned a lot.

Harnessing our creativity can lead us on the path to happiness; I like to call the power of your creative mind, “I Can Do It” power. What steps do you take to encourage yours?

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