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3 Tips for Writing a Novel

“You can’t write a novel all at once, any more than you can swallow a whale in one gulp.” – Orson Scott Card

Have you always wanted to write a novel? Planning to write a long work of fiction is the perfect time to craft the story you’ve always wanted to read. What are your favorite parts of the novels you love and how would you make them better? Now is your opportunity to craft a masterpiece. Here are 3 novel writing tips to help make your idea a bestseller!

Photo Courtesy of: Chris

Photo Courtesy of: Chris

3 Novel Writing Tips

  1. Know Your Characters

One of the best novel writing tips is to know your characters and outline who they are as much as possible. You should create entire lives and personalities for them to make it easier for the readers to relate and care about them. Don’t give your readers a biographical profile of them, though. Use descriptive words to show how characters feel.

  1. Spend Time on the Plot

Although some of the best stories begin as a few sentences written on a napkin while sitting in a restaurant, it’s important to spend time writing the plot (or at least visualizing it) before starting your novel. A good plot will carry your novel far, so make sure it is interesting and engaging. Take a lesson from mystery novels, and draw your reader in slowly.

  1. Don’t Force the Story

While good stories ride on conflict and resolution, don’t throw your characters into as many dramatic situations as possible. Choose the best conflicts you can think of and expand upon them. A good story has 2-3 good plot twists and bends. Treat your characters with respect, not as pawns to be thrown around in the story.

Writing a novel can be one of the hardest things to do in your writing career. Novels take time, hard work and dedication. Starting off on the right track and following these novel writing tips can help you craft a story that may even turn into a bestselling book series. Good luck and happy writing!

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