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4 Ways to Love Yourself

“Before you can honestly love yourself you need to be clear about what love feels like to you.” – Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

If you’re experiencing problems in your close relationships, friendships or your love life, consider taking a look inside to think about how the way you treat yourself may play a role. Before you can truly love another person, you must first love yourself. Here are four tips for learning how to appreciate yourself and feel more confident.46371931_l


4 Ways to Love Yourself

  1. Focus on Self-Love

“Self-love is deeper than self-esteem. Self-love is steady and long-lasting but self-esteem changes from moment to moment.” – Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

You may think your self-esteem qualifies as self-love, but the love of yourself goes much deeper than just your current view of happiness. Identify the reasons you are proud to be who you are and internalize them. It can help to write lists or keep a journal of things, special moments and personality traits you are proud to call your own.

  1. Banish Self-Loathing

Loving yourself is embracing all that you have been, all that you will be and all that you are now.” – Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

It’s easy to get caught up in self-loathing when you are constantly viewing the triumphs of others on social media; remember that sites like Facebook distort the truth and serve as a vehicle for self-embellishment. Keep this in mind and stop comparing yourself to others; self-loathing has no place in a loving and successful life.

  1. Focus on Gratitude

“It is impossible to love yourself unconditionally without a deep sense of gratitude.” – Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

According to experts, when you focus your energy on things you are grateful for, you begin to see more of those items manifest in your life. Paying attention to what makes you happy and thanking yourself for these opportunities can help you achieve a deeper understanding of self-love.

  1. Focus on What You Need

You will never abandon yourself when you love and care for your mind, body and spirit as your dearest friend.” – Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste

Make no apologies for giving yourself what you truly need. It is hard for you to form a solid relationship with your inner self if you ignore wishes, desires and needs. Stop making excuses for doing what makes you happy and learn to appreciate your unique qualities; they are what make you, you!

There are countless ways to love yourself and many reasons to start today! For more information on achieving happiness and independence from within, check out my latest book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste today!

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