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[Audio] Episode 01

It’s rather exciting speaking to each and every one of you as it involves my most recent crime/romance novel–  THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA.  Personally I’ve always wanted to speak to authors whose book’s I’ve read, to know where they are coming from, what they do all day and how they live?  Most of all, how do authors come up with all their ideas being translated into fiction and non-fiction books.

I had not written books for several years. And I thought my days of writing were basically over, until one early morning when I popped out of bed, near tripped over my dog, Sir Winston, and hurried to my computer. For the next year I began writing in a free flowing style just for the sheer joy of creating fascinating fiction characters going in all kinds of winding directions.

When this creative adventure was done, it was then that I made the decision to publish THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA book and this other process took a while. As you might surmise, I do have more going on in my life in addition to writing. Through the years all of my books have been written for you the readers, to enjoy and ponder, and to share this novel with your friends. The purpose of my website is to provide you with an interactive source of information and of communicating through the discussion board, videos, and audios. I want you to enjoy the book’s video book trailer.

Being an author continues is an astonishing learning process. The entire adventure of launching THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA into a world of digital, electronic technology, and the social media that is constantly changing will always be challenging and exhilarating.

Enjoy THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA, and also it’s book video trailer. In the months ahead I will share more with you, and response to your comments on the discussion blog.

Be good to yourself—-Elizabeth

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