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Have Hope: 3 Ways to Improve Your Outlook on Life

Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to; people, relationships and situations can change just like the seasons. As humans, we are naturally resistant to these changes and are hesitant to accept shake-ups, so it can sometimes be difficult to accept new routines when life begins to morph. When these changes are especially negative, it can cause even the best of us to lose hope in the future. These three strategies can uplift your spirits and give you the hope it takes to hold on.

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Always have hope!

3 Ways to Feel More Hopeful

  1. Get Out of the Rut

When we feel hopeless, we are less likely to have the motivation to try and become more hopeful, which leads us to lose even more hope; it is a Catch-22. Being stuck in this endless loop can cause depression, low morale and negative health problems. All of us have felt like there’s no hope at some point in our lives; it’s a completely normal feeling. To combat this, try shaking up your life and your routines. You don’t have to make huge changes to make a huge difference; your efforts can be as simple as taking a different route on your morning commute, picking some new music for the drive or trying a new beverage in place of your usual morning coffee.

  1. Set Goals (And Make Sure They’re SMART)

Goal setting is a powerful tool that you can use to give yourself hope and feel more optimistic about the future. You can’t accomplish everything all at once, so it can be hard to imagine a future where your current situations and challenges are resolved. Set yourself SMART goals; putting them down on paper can help you visualize a better future. Here’s what SMART stands for:

  • Specific: What specifically are you striving for?
  • Measureable: Will you be able to measure the progress over time? How will you do this? I recommend keeping a journal and jotting down your feelings.
  • Attainable: Is this something that can be done? Some things may be out of your control.
  • Realistic: Are you willing and able to work toward this goal?
  • Timely: Set yourself a time frame to create a sense of urgency.
  1. Beware of Burnout

We can lose hope when we don’t take good care of ourselves and work too hard. Beware of becoming overwhelmed and learn to say no when you need to prioritize yourself. To avoid burnout, take good care of yourself, your emotions and your needs. Sometimes it really can transform your spirit to get a massage or enjoy a few moments of quiet meditation.

With these three tactics, you’ll see your hope for the future begin to grow! How do you motivate yourself to keep pushing forward during tough times?

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