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How to Develop Inner Strength

Do you focus on inner strength?

Personal improvement is one of the longest and ongoing parts of our lives. It is essential we invest in personal improvement and work on it every single day. One of the most necessary aspects of personal improvement is to develop inner strength.

What is inner strength? As The Daily Pioneer explains, “Inner strength, also called atmabala, is the strength of the soul. It is the core strength of a person, while mental strength is simply the strength of the mind. And we know that we, souls, are different from our minds. We have minds, which we use for feeling, thinking and willing.”

What are my thoughts in inner strength and personal improvement? Here are a few quotes from my book, The Mystery of Time is Who You Are:

  • Embrace offers you the gift of faith, hope and a sense of humor. No matter how difficult your past life has been, no matter how difficult your present life may be, you can still lift your spirit. This shift of energy will give you hope and inner strength.
  • You will need inner strength to remove yourself from negative individuals and situations that rob you of love and joy.
  • When your love is weak, inner strength drains away. You become susceptible to false pride and manipulation, because you lack the self-worth and spirit-soul wisdom to deal with daily challenges.
  • Breaking down can bring about a state of heartiness and of forging ahead to meet life’s challenges with inner strength and enthusiasm.

I believe so strongly that developing inner strength can directly impact every aspect of our lives. It influences our relationships, careers and how we navigate day-to-day life.

How can start to develop and strengthen your inner strength? Here are 10 tactics from the Huffington Post; visit this link for a description of each.

  1. Trust Your Inner Pilot Light
  2. Rely of Survival Instincts
  3. Focus on the Story of Your Life Past A Crisis
  4. Lean on Friends and Family
  5. Get Motivation from Outer Strength
  6. Surround Yourself with Positivity
  7. Remind Yourself How Strong You Really Are
  8. Find Time to Do Things You Succeed At
  9. Do Something Meaningful
  10. Develop a Spiritual Connection to A Higher Power

Personal Improvement: Building Inner Strength

How do you build inner strength? However you do it, keep building on it to become as strong as you possibly can. Remember, you are in control of your life.

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