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How to Write a Love Story

Everyone loves a great love story. But as a writer, how do you craft a story that is so real, it could have taken place in life? Some writing critics say that writing a love story today is harder than it was for Shakespeare because it was easier for obstacles to be placed between two star-crossed lovers in Shakespeare’s time due to rigid class distinctions. We may have less class-based obstacles in our society today, but writers can still place plenty of obstacles between two characters in the modern age and create a captivating love story. Here is how to write a love story using 4 essential elements.


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4 Steps to Writing a Love Story

1. Start an Adventure

Create a world (or two!) in which your characters will live. Dream up lots of details for your characters to interact with including the environment, time period and weather. Take time outside and observe the world around you. Imagine as if you were the main character, longing to meet your true love. What details would you be paying attention to?

2. Love at First Sight

Creating a first meeting for your characters is essential when learning how to write a love story. Even if your characters don’t fall in love on their first meeting, create a memorable time when they first meet or see each other. Make the initial meeting something your characters will replay over and over in their heads and your readers will get lost in the moment as well.

3. Let Go of Your Inhibitions

This is a love story, so really let yourself fall into it. Fully invest yourself in the magical moments where the characters fall in love. Readers of love stories want to you to take them on the roller coaster ride with you, so don’t be afraid to hold back and create a little suspense, even during the love scenes.

4. The Final Stage of Love

Decide how you want your characters to culminate their relationship at the end of your story. Do you want them to ride off into the sunset together? Do they die? Do they have children that will allow you to write an epilogue? You don’t have to set out writing a love story with this answer in mind. You can see how the story naturally progresses as you go.

Writing a love story can be an emotionally charged genre to pen. Readers have high expectations and it can be tough to make the story sound genuine. Use these 4 elements to draw your readers in and let them fall in love with your characters. Happy writing!

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