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Importance of Mental Power for Fostering Self-Love

I frequently speak about the importance of self-love for finding happiness in my conversations with radio hosts and in my most recent book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste. Self-love is something that can seem elusive, but you know it when you feel it. It’s a deep appreciation for the unique quirks that make you, you. It’s the lack of doubt you feel when moving forward with your convictions. It’s knowing when to say no, and knowing when to say yes. Self-love is found first by fostering courage and toughness from within.


Find Your Mental Power

Finding inner strength begins with mental power. To achieve this, you must be consistently clear about your desires with others, but most importantly, with yourself. If you feel uncomfortable in any given situation, it’s important you recognize this sign from your mind and listen to it. When you trust your brain and its ability to make decisions for the good of yourself, you will find that it is your closest friend who can reassure you, comfort you, and give you the strength needed to enter the world like a force of nature. I like to call this inner power, “I Can Do It” power.

You can do anything you set your mind to, as your mind is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Exercise its abilities regularly by asking yourself how you feel at any given moment. This practice serves to train your brain into encouraging this behavior and placing your feelings as the most important force around you.

Doing this doesn’t mean being conceited or controlling or mean. This doesn’t make you better than others or serve to convince you that you are the most important person in the world. It is meant to help you on your path to self-love, the truest love that can serve as your inner compass.

If you’ve ever been stuck emotionally, then you know what it’s like to feel discouraged. Using your powerful mind as a tool to transform your worldview can help you discover the courage it takes to take risks with confidence, like you know that no possible outcome can ruin your whole world.

You alone possess the power to change your limiting beliefs and create a strong sense of love for yourself. I urge you to find your inner light and shine!

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