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Loving Yourself: The Gift of Power and Freedom

When’s the last time you took a moment to focus on self-love? The greatest challenge you may face in your life is to love your whole self: body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Throughout our culture (in family life, social life, the media, economics, politics, religion and education), we are taught to believe that we can be inferior and undeserving. These attitudes are perpetuated on many levels, both consciously and subconsciously. Through spoken and unspoken attitudes, cultural practices and unequal treatment, we can begin to believe we are powerless to make decisions that affect our lives or the lives of others. Understanding the dangers of trying to live up to these inordinate expectations empowers you to reclaim your self-esteem and change your life.

Love yourself, today and every day.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

Fostering positive self-esteem will give you the ability to say no to anyone or any situation that attempts to destroy your sense of wellbeing. Loving yourself is the ability to see yourself as whole and unique with natural beauty. It is appreciating your inner beauty and the expressions of your emotional self in all of its forms. Reverence and self-love is essential if you are to move past the negative attitudes encouraged by our society.

Redefining ‘Beauty’

Your beauty cannot be measured by your body’s size, skin color, age, weight, or with passing trends and the frivolous standards of society. Loving yourself cannot be determined by what others think about you. Loving your whole self is being able to see yourself as complete and worthy; it is the ability to value all the experiences of your life as important, and to understand that through your life you are making a meaningful difference. This difference is not what you do, but who you are. It comes down to the core spirit that is YOU. People change from day to day, just as you change. As people change, their values change. If you measure your value by other people’s values, you will never develop constant self-love.

It takes daily doses of self-love to build this solid foundation; loving yourself is being able to feel your inner beauty and to know that you are more than your personality, more than your body and more than your humanity. It is the deep knowledge that one day your human life will end and you will pass over into another existence. No matter what you believe, your life will end one day.

The challenge of loving yourself rewards you by giving you emotional balance, increased self-worth, and the ability to decide what is important and what is not in your life. With positive self-love, you don’t need a crisis to put your life and priorities in proper order.

How can you start today? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “Yes, I am lovable. Yes, I am a good person. Yes, my life is special and valuable.” You have one life to live; a moment to moment adventure. Embrace it with faith and good humor – I believe you can!

I also encourage you to read my book, Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste, especially chapters 5 and 11, which can be really helpful when learning to appreciate your inner beauty.

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