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Presenting At Home Among Sinners

I’m pleased to announce that I just published a new book, At Home Among Sinners! There are tough choices to face if you’re a clergy member, especially one at a corrupt parish in New York City. After being taken from his peaceful life as a monk following the death of his wife and unborn child, Father John Callahan finds himself tempted by sin and banished to a derelict church where he faces a lack of support and outright disdain from his colleagues.

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Stemming from his teenage past in Belfast where he was a street thug and IRA killer, Father Callahan finds it difficult to resist the temptation of the Big Apple. You’ll wonder, “Will he have the strength to remain a good man, or will he return to the dark, criminal life he once knew so well?”

Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

Callahan could hear the wild Irish Sea raging against the rocky cliffs, distraught, it seemed, at the monks’ departures. Seagulls flew above the sun, their silver wings glowing as they flapped in the wind. He considered what little he had heard about New York City: crowded, dirty, noisy, profligate. Would he ever return to the lush grass of Ireland’s rolling moors and breathe so deeply in its salty air?

“You’ve been bent on punishing me,” he snarled at Father Jules. “You could easily have sent me to another monastery in Ireland.”

“That’s what you think,” growled the abbot. “You came to us, a married man who has tasted to excess the dregs of sin and carnal pleasures, with rumors of a corrupt past, to have a shocking influence on the pure hearts of our young monks. Worse still, you question the Holy Church’s doctrines.”

“Corrupt past! Listen to me —”

“I’m not finished,” Jules nearly shouted as his eyes narrowed. “Abbot Benedict made the unfortunate mistake of allowing you to become a monk before he died, but I dare say you will be at home among the worst of sinners.” With that, he walked quickly to the cab that had just arrived, without even the simple courtesy of a wave.

“It’s easy to hate the likes of you and to question what you stand for,” Callahan shouted, shaking his fist at the departing cab. The abbot’s final comment, “You’ll be at home among the worst of sinners,” burned white-hot in his heart.

What would you do if you were taken from a quiet life and thrown into a tough, dangerous and temptation-filled job at a run-down parish in New York City? In this fast-paced, exciting and, at times even heart-wrenching tale, I give you a glimpse inside the mind of a passionate, pained and frustrated young monk-priest as he struggles to live in a state of grace among suspicious new friends, intense temptation from a forbidden temptress and vengeful enemies in a foreign land.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about Father Callahan’s tough choices as he struggles to remain a pious man with God front and center in his heart. To read At Home Among Sinners, purchase it on Amazon today!

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