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Where to Turn for Inspiration and Motivation

Now that we’re well into the fall season, the darker days and impending frightful weather can put a damper on our spirits. If you’re feeling less chipper than usual, where can you turn to get motivated and find inspiration? Read on for four tried and true resources.

Get inspired with these resources.

Get inspired with these resources.

Inspiration and Motivation: 4 Resources to Turn To

  1. Close Friends

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can experience in life; the selfless loving of another person as you share life experiences and help each other learn from mistakes is a trait that makes us uniquely human. When your spirits are low, leaning on a friend can help you find strength, even in the darkest situations.

  1. Heroic Stories

Sometimes it’s easy to see the worst in people rather than the best. Maybe someone cut you off in traffic during your morning commute or grabbed the last BLT sandwich at the deli. Instead of focusing your energy on them, try to find an inspiring story of positive human interaction or heroism to counteract your experience. Hearing about outstanding, inspirational people can make you feel more motivated; here’s a great one to start.

  1. Self-Help Books

There’s a reason self-help books are so plentiful; they can help you find the inner power and inspiration to change your life for the better! I recently published a book that can help you find happiness called Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste; it shares advice for finding emotional balance, creating lasting friendships, gaining independence, dealing with money, treating your body with respect and more. For a story that shows how hope can thrive in the darkest days, also check out my novel, At Home Among Sinners.

  1. Inspirational Music

Music has an incredible power to change our attitude and make us feel better; the most popular songs are ones of strength and overcoming adversity. Listening to your favorite songwriters work their way through life’s challenges is a great way to inspire yourself that anything is possible. Here are some helpful music suggestions.

To transform your attitude from pessimism to happiness, it’s important to accept that in order to experience good days, we must also endure the bad; if we didn’t have negative moments, the good days wouldn’t feel as enjoyable. How do you get inspired? I’d love to hear about your story in the comments below.

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