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Majic the Protector

Majic the Protector book coverDiscover Majic, the last unicorn on earth, and ride along with him and young Lawrence in the adventure of a lifetime! Majic reveals enchanting powers that take the pair to lands unknown where good must overcome evil. Lawrence follows Majic and learns what it means to become a protector. He also realizes the importance of working with others and trusting in friendships to overcome the challenges he and the unicorn face together. This memorable children’s story will enchant and delight readers of all ages and provides unforgettable life lessons.

The Web of Darkness and Light

The demons never tire. They cling to John Callahan and, like the banshees of Irish legend, they fill his heart with wails of despair. No matter how he tries to live an exemplary life, the former IRA killer is haunted by memories of the horrors he has suffered—and those he has inflicted in return. Not the monastic life, not the vows of priesthood, not the move from Ireland to New York City have brought him peace.

In this second novel in the series by Elizabeth Upton, Callahan has resigned the priesthood in the hope of living a simpler life as a professor at New York University. However, his promise to a distraught colleague—who soon turns up dead—plunges him into another mystery alongside his friend Ronald Casey, a detective with the NYPD.

Who would want to kill a professor of neuroscience? What is contained in the briefcase that she has guarded, quite literally, with her life? Soon it seems clear that Dr. Shannon Grey Feather had discovered a cure for addiction and several complex brain disorders. That is a medical breakthrough worth millions—and one worth killing for.

Once again confronted by murder’s cruelty and life’s injustices, Callahan must find a killer while coming to terms with his own criminal past. He longs for true peace and genuine love, but before he can hope for a bright future he must revisit his dark past—where those demons dwell.

The Mystic Swords of
Love & Innocence

The Mystic Swords of Love & Innocence coverThe Mystic Swords of Love and Innocence explores the journey of our lives from the innocence of birth to the struggles that can keep us from happiness and fulfillment. Although wise elders or others may help us, ultimately, we are each responsible for taking our lives into our own hands and fulfilling our own destiny.

Follow this incredible life journey as author Elizabeth Upton teaches us to embrace the mystery and trust in the love that surrounds us.  

The Mystery of Time
is Who You Are

The Mystery of Time is Who You Are is a deep meditation focused on the timeless Book of Ecclesiastes that will soothe your soul, clarify your vision, energize your mind and anchor your heart with comforting answers for a lifetime. Being human means living in a cycle of suffering and joy, failure and success, rejection and acceptance; this book will guide you on the path to happiness.

At Home
Among Sinners

At Home Among SinnersAt Home Among Sinners is a gritty fiction novel by Elizabeth Upton featuring Monk-Priest John Callahan, a good man with a bad past that will not let him live in peace. Following a tragic accident, as he begins to find happiness and serenity again as a monk in a rural Irish monastery, a vindictive superior banishes him to a life in the priesthood at a derelict parish in New York City where he struggles to live in a state of grace among new friends, intense temptation and enemies in a foreign land.

Exuberant Women
Don’t Age

Exuberant Women coverExuberant Women Don’t Age is an empowering guide for women of all ages and all walks of life. Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time to Waste uses dedicated exercises and affirmations to harness the intense power of the individual, helping readers to achieve inner peace, emotional strength and boundless happiness. These practical applications and lyrical advice also include penetrating questions that will linger with you long after an initial read.

Secrets of a Nun:
My Own Story

Secrets of a NunSecrets of a Nun: My Own Story is an uncompromisingly honest and deeply moving look into one woman’s soul. At the age of fifteen, Elizabeth, a talented athlete, gives up her dreams of competing in the Olympics to become a nun in a restrictive convent. Based on Elizabeth’s own life story, it’s a passionate account of faith, hope and service. After devoting years as a nun, she begins to wonder about her true purpose in life. Just as she had the courage to enter her cloistered convent life, will she also find the courage to leave?

The Shaman
and The Mafia

The Shaman and The Mafia is an action-packed mystery and love story that also examines the conflicted emotions of its characters as they try to make sense of their lives in the wake of a murder. Through stunning prose, the book weaves a tangled web of crime, darkness and light. It’s filled with hope and excitement, treachery and love.

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