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Elizabeth Upton | Female First exclusive interview

Dear readers,

It’s been an exciting month! I recently got featured in an exclusive interview with renowned UK women’s magazine Female First.

I had the pleasure of being interview by the wonderful Lucy Walton and in this interview, we explored my backgrounds in Psychology and social work and how it influenced my writing of fiction and non-fiction novels.

Please enjoy!

Exclusive interview with Elizabeth Upton

by Lucy Walton | 

Read the whole interview here

The Shaman and the Mafia is a crime-romance novel. The story involves Marietta Collins, who left the cloistered life to be independent and free of religious restraints. She heads a youth drug rehab centre and is dedicated to ridding the community of the growing criminal element and restoring it to the pleasant tourist town it once was. As the story opens, Marietta learns that Joseph Gleason, a friend and drug informant, who was secretly in love with her, has been brutally murdered, the victim of a mafia hit. In the course of the investigation she meets the victim’s brother, FBI assistant director Raymond Gleason. There’s an instant attraction between the two and he becomes her first lover. Raymond gives FBI agent Jerry Young, who is also his best friend, the responsibility of investigating the murder and hunting down the mafia’s kingpin. He discovers that the mob boss, who also has ties to the Russian mafia in Florida, is involved in underage prostitution, illicit drugs and a string of murders. While the story revolves around Marietta, Jerry, and Raymond, there are several other personalities dealing with conflicted emotions in the world of corruption, murder, and depravity. This is an action-packed crime-drama and love story that also examines the conflicted emotions of the characters as they try to make sense of their lives through the web of crime, darkness and light

You write both fiction and non-fiction so do you have a preference between the two?

Presently I am enjoying writing fiction with another fiction book coming out in 2015. However, my varied life and eclectic list of life experiences always influence my fiction writing and manage to find their way into the characters’ storylines. I feel my life enriches my fiction writing. However, saying that it’s extremely therapeutic writing non-fiction or memoirs gives you a chance to reflect on the lives you’ve lived, those I’ve already completed will be republished during 2014 and 2015.

How much has your background in psychology helped you to better understand your characters?

I believe my education and enthusiasm for learning and wanting to understand what drives people’s motivations and behaviours has helped tremendously. However, nothing compared to my real life and work experience, beginning with when my sister and I were put in an orphanage for two years when we turned eight years old and experiencing those elements of society and psychology first hand.

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